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Speedy X Warranty

A membership company designed to save employees money, while supporting business owners.


SpeedyX has been helping companies reward and retains their employees with exclusive discounts and special offers, which includes travel, automotive services, computer services, credit repair, cleaning services, check processing services, and more.  Speedy X Warranty offers the largest corporate benefits. 


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A Sista's Circle Empowerment Network ASCEN, LLC

A Sista's Circle Empowerment Network ASCEN, LLC 

"Working Together As One"

A place where female entrepreneurs can receive Personal and Business Development, Marketing and opportunities to create a successful business.

"We Are Never In Competition, But

Always In Collaboration"

Just Minding My Business

A podcast designed to promote the gifts of small business through their voice, which provides education and empowerment to our listeners. Share your voice with the world. Promote Your Show on your website and social medial platforms. Become a partner and receive perks and ongoing marketing of your business.